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American Honda Motor Co.
The Honda Accord has a standalone sensor in the lower grille.
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Plastic repair and ADAS – They're not mutually exclusive!

April 4, 2023
A bit of education is all that’s needed to dispel some of the fear and trepidation around the relationship between plastic repair and ADAS sensors.
Courtesy of Audi
Audi’s e-tron SUVs feature 27 components made from recycled plastics. The company is investing in recovered plastics.
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Living in a material world

Feb. 6, 2023
These are the four trends driving the advanced automotive materials you will be repairing
Courtesy of Polyvance
Fig. 3 Camry-Tab
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Shining a light on plastic repair

Dec. 1, 2022
With supply chain issues and the cost of replacement headlights, repairing headlight mounting tabs can often create a better outcome for the shop, vehicle owner, and bill payer...
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Pre-SEMA tool spotlight

Oct. 6, 2022
Check out what's new in this collection of collision repair tools and equipment selected by ABRN from manufacturers who will be at the SEMA Show.
Courtesy of Parker Lord Fusor
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How does summer heat affect adhesives?

July 4, 2022
Hot weather and humidity can drastically affect application and strength of adhesives and seam sealers used in collision repair.
Volvo bumper ADAS sensor location
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Bumper repair: Stay away from the sensors

March 22, 2022
When considering a plastic repair on a bumper fascia with radar-based sensors mounted behind, first follow the OEM procedures, and if those aren’t clear, stay away from the sensors...