John Wilburn

John Wilburn is the training manager for Polyvance. John has over 18 years of experience in bumper and plastic repairs. Polyvance is an I-CAR Sustaining Partner and provides several hands-on and virtual training courses on plastic repair and refinishing.

Courtesy of Polyvance
Body Shop & Structural Repair

Adapt to a changing environment by doing more plastic repairs 

June 1, 2024
With headlights costing as much as $6,000 each, a shop with the equipment and know-how to repair them can increase the profitability of the overall repair.

Repairing blow molded plastic bumpers

Nov. 28, 2016
Luckily these bumpers are hollow, and depending on how severe the damage is, it’s actually not that difficult to repair if you have the right tools and equipment.