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How They Did It

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As the leader of your business, you decide you want to grow sales by 15 percent in 2017. Or you want to significantly improve employee retention. Or you want to reduce cycle time by one day.

And to do it, you identify your weaknesses. You set your goals. You form a plan. And then you execute.

If you’re challenging your business to constantly improve, this scenario should be nothing new to you. But moving beyond the processes in your shop, the everyday problems that come with running any business … what about your shop’s identity? At the end of the day, does your company resemble what you set out to accomplish from the beginning? Are you the leader you wanted to become? Are your employees part of a realized vision?

The three shop operators featured in this story can safely answer “yes” to each of those questions. And despite their wildly different approaches, there’s one truth that unites each of these people: From the beginning, they had visions for their businesses.

These three leaders are not an anomaly. They started exactly where every business owner starts: with that idea. What separated these operators from countless others who remain stagnant or fail, however, is the methodical, thoughtful execution of that idea.

The real demarcation is how these three shop owners breathed life into their visions, their processes, their teams. From the idea to the execution to the results, here’s how they did it.

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