Steve Trapp

Steve Trapp is an internationally known consultant and speaker. His family operates a collision center in Wisconsin. He earned a degree in Economics Education and a minor in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin.  After college, he worked for 3M in sales and marketing roles with the innovative 3M ARM$ training and software sales.  He worked as a consultant for AutocheX doing financial consulting for a few years before joining AkzoNobel, where he started the industry’s first value-added program. While there, he started the industry’s first paint company-sponsored 20 groups and wrote numerous training programs with third-party experts on finance, marketing, selling, leadership, and other topics.  He later joined DuPont/Axalta, where he worked with Mike Anderson to manage their 20 groups and industry seminars. While at Axalta, he managed the North American Strategic Accounts SAM team and later the entire EMEA Strategic Accounts team. He currently is the senior consultant for LEAP, a global consulting firm that has presented in 10 countries.

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