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Report: Why Tesla Will Stay Ahead of Hackers

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Aug. 11, 2015—With an increase in connected cars, hacking has become a big concern in the automotive world. Hackers recently showed how they could remotely take control of a Jeep and another revealed how to gain access to a Tesla Model S.

But, according to a report by Matthew Debord of the Business Insider, Tesla has the advantage when it comes to the war against hacking.

Tesla seems to be the easiest target for Hackers, with all of the integrated technology in its automobiles. However, Tesla is ahead of the curve and has developed its software system with the idea that it could some day become compromised.

Tesla executives and engineers are more likely to understand cyber threats because they are closely linked with the tech world, the report said. Tesla is a company that can either stay ahead of cyber threats altogether, or quickly respond with over-the-air patches, according to Debord’s story.

Software is a big part of Tesla, and because of this, it is constantly informing the public with new features and upgrades. If something goes wrong, the company can use its over-the-air updates to implement a quick solution and inform the public about the improvement.

Tesla has taken a pro-active approach. Hackers are out there, so the company has decided to use them to its benefit. Tesla’s open-source approach has hackers expose flaws in its system, giving the company the opportunity to correct them.

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