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Overcoming ‘Talent Shortage Problems’

Dave Luehr, owner of Elite Body Shop Solutions, has a new venture launching in May that aims to help small businesses solve what he calls their “talent shortage problems.” 

Called “Limitless Entrepreneur'', Luehr says it came about in part from watching businesses over the past two years struggle to make progress and growth because of chronic understaffing. 

“One of the reasons I’m so passionate about the new brand is to break some of the [bad] habits,” he says. “When we’re shorthanded we have the habit of hiring the first person who can fog a mirror and we wonder why our culture is so bad.”

Bad business culture repels high-performing employees, Luehr says.

“A-players aren’t going to want to work for a place with a bunch of B- and C-level people,” he says. “We want the best.”

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