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After one of her presentations, Jessica Pettitt was approached by a nonprofit founder and pressed about what was wrong. The inquisitive leader-in-training had a vision, had done everything to build her company, but simply couldn’t get her volunteer board to follow through with anything.

Which led Pettitt to wonder: How are you asking them?

“If it’s not working, change the way you’re asking them,” Pettitt responded to the woman. “They’re clearly demonstrating that how you’re asking them to do something isn’t working. You’re trying to get other people to change, but not taking responsibility for your actions.”

So, Pettitt decided to explore that topic more—to the point where she wrote a book on it. And now the author of Good Enough Now will speak on diversity in the workplace at the 2018 SEMA Show. Her entire mantra revolves around making better connections with employees and engaging in more meaningful conversation.

That is tough to achieve with a small team—even tougher during Stage 3 where multiple first-level leaders look for guidance. To help, here’s a flowchart Pettitt uses as a guide to more meaning conversations:

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