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Disrupt: Making a Successful Move into a New Facility

When J.R. Hubbard moved Selecta Auto Body into a new 10,000-square-foot building a few years ago in downtown San Francisco, he did so after thorough research and planning. Here's how Hubbard readied his processes, his employees and his customer base for his business's big change.
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How I Did It: Rocky Champion

For this month's edition of CollisionCast's How I Did It series, FenderBender spoke with Rocky Champion, who runs the $2 million Barrett Collision Center in Abilene, Texas. Champion details how he took his father's DRP-heavy shop to a OEM-certification-focused shop, how he ensures an ROI on OEM training, and why he ultimately decided to become part of the CARSTAR model.
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The Specialist

For years, it was practically unheard of for a body shop to specialize in a specific brand. But following the norm isn’t really Kye Yeung’s style, and his 34,000-square-foot, $6.5 million facility is living proof that you don’t need to. Here's how he realized his vision.

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An Ideal Partner

After Angela Chmura stepped into a leadership role at Goff’s Collision Repair Centers, transforming the shop culture and positioning her MSO as an ideal business partner in her market was a task that took several years of planning. Here's how she established her vision and became a go-to body shop in the Wisconsin market.
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