Caliber Denied Special Use Request for Indiana Shop

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July 11, 2022—A special use request made by Caliber Collision has been denied. 

According to NWI Times, the city council of Crown Point, Indiana, struck down the body shop's request to allow a repair shop in a business district. Caliber wanted to be at 125 South Superior Drive, which is near an area of the city that has been planned for use as a business corridor. 

The city council does not believe that the corridor is developing quickly enough for an automotive shop to be a good fit for the area. Councilman Scott Evorik suggested that the shop consider moving a block away to location options that are already zoned for industrial use. 

Gus Wilson is a developer for the project, and he explained to the council members that all of Caliber's work is done indoors so there wouldn't be loud noise disturbances, and he promised that the building itself would not be an eyesore for the neighborhood. 

The council did not budge on their decision, believing that the presence of a shop at that location would not fit with what they are trying to achieve for the city. But they didn't rule out Caliber entirely. 

"We'd love to have your business in Crown Point, just not in that location," said Councilwoman Dawn Stokes, according to the article. 

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