New Nissan Collision-Avoidance Technology in Development

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April 27, 2022—There is a new driver-assistance technology in development over at Nissan, and its goal is to help avoid collisions on the road.

According to Green Car Congress, this technology uses real-time information that allows the vehicle to consistently be aware of its surroundings. 

This means that the vehicle can have an instantaneous response to a potentially dangerous situation, as it can accurately detect the size and shape of objects as well as factors such as slow moving traffic and other driving obstacles. 

Once an issue is detected, the vehicle can then react accordingly by performing collision-avoidance operations as necessary.

In the long run, Nissan is planning for Nissan Ambition 2030. This is a vision to utilize next-generation LIDAR technology in a way that reduces accidents. This mission is motivated by the potential of more self-driving cars coming into existence in the near future. 

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