Google AdWords Eliminates 'Converted Clicks'

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March 2, 2017—Starting March 1, Google eliminated the "Converted Clicks" column in AdWords.

Historically, reported MediaPost, AdWords has used converted clicks to track whether or not users complete desired outcomes on ads and websites. In its absence, the “Conversions” section within AdWords will remain, becoming the default tool for measuring user action.

Converted clicks is simply a "yes or no" count, detailing the number of clicks that drove one or more conversions, whereas "Conversions" measures which conversions occurred. With "Conversions," you can set the measurement to track additional data points from the conversion such as revenue. "Conversions" also measures cross-device conversions, which were not tracked by "Converted Clicks."

"Conversions" will include cross-device conversions, which is good news for clients who use AdWords for mobile PPC strategy, reported Small Business Trends. In theory, the switch will provide a clearer, more comprehensive picture of conversions and user behavior.

If you’re already using conversions for reporting and bidding, nothing has changed. But if you use "Target CPA" (cost per acquisition) or "Enhanced CPC" (cost per click) and your primary bid metric is set to converted clicks, you will need to use the migration tool. Click the “Converted Clicks is going away” alert in your AdWords notification center, and it will guide you through.


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