More Information Released in SEMA Counterfeiting Raid

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Nov. 23, 2016—More information has been released in the wake of federal marshals cracking down on a Chinese trademark and patent infringer at the recent SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

As FenderBender reported during the SEMA Show earlier this month, a booth from a Chinese company at the SEMA Show was seized, after allegations of copyright infringement committed against German spray gun manufacturer SATA. SATA had been awarded $2 million in damages against the Chinese for patent and infringement that occurred at the 2013 AAPEX show.

In late 2016, SATA discovered through a monitoring system that T&E would be an exhibitor at this year’s SEMA Show. Due to a judgment and whit, SATA was entitled to seize any assets of T&E in the United States until the damages are due balanced. So, SATA entrusted attorneys to contact the Federal Marshal Service and request seizure action against T&E early in the show. The Federal Marshal granted SATA’s request and took action against T&E on Nov. 1 in Las Vegas.

During the seizure, all products from T&E’s booth were seized, including spray guns and other tools, motor parts, catalogs, posters, order books, as well as laptops and cell phones. Data from the seized laptops and cellphones will be provided to SATA.

In the two days following the seizure, SATA filed complaints against two new, unnamed exhibitors at AAPEX and SEMA for patent trademark infringement, and SATA said it will further monitor potential infringers.

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