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How to Embrace Today's Challenges and Create Opportunities for your Shop

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The collision repair and auto claims industries are undergoing a massive transition and are in the middle of another evolutionary phase. Today’s environment is dominated by automakers and auto insurers, both pushing radical changes to their respective programs, forcing independently owned and operated body shops to make long-term business decisions. Fix Auto USA is at the forefront of these changes, leading its member shops to stay ahead of the technological tide and information overload.

Automakers are rapidly changing their vehicles to include today’s technology. Options like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), lane departure warnings, and collision avoidance technology are becoming standard options. Similarly, auto insurers are scrutinizing their direct repair programs (DRPs) and are implementing scorecards, different tiering systems, and launching programs to provide convenience and personalized service for their policyholders.

The future is here. On top of everything needed to simply keep the lights on, independent body shop owners also have to keep a watchful eye on the future while anticipating change and responding to its myriad of demands. These owners are being pushed into unchartered waters and they must find solutions to thrive in today’s advancing vehicle technology, claims processing, and business needs.

That’s where Fix Auto USA comes in. 

“Independent owner-operators are entering a new phase of higher value to all stakeholders within the collision repair industry. Fix Auto USA provides these shop owners the ability to better compete in a consolidating marketplace. While our members focus their collision expertise on their day-to-day business operations, Fix Auto USA positions its member network as an influential partner to vehicle manufacturers and auto insurers at the highest levels of the industry,” says Dennis O’Mahoney, Fix Auto USA Vice President of Business Development.

To that end, a network and partner such as Fix Auto USA successfully re-positions your business at the focal point of the three market influences: the auto manufacturers, auto insurers, and other independent shop owners.






Being at the center of the industry changes is more important than ever.  

Fix Auto USA addresses the industry's challenges and gives independent body shops opportunities to succeed.






“The desired market position is at the intersection of these three business influencers. Those not at the center of the industry’s needs, reduce their ability to advance and risk their competitive position,” O’Mahoney continues. “Even with today’s challenges, there is a great amount of opportunity for those owner-operators who put their business on a path to address these industry shifts. Aligning with Fix Auto USA puts you on this path instantly.”

Most independent shop owners understand their relationship to the insurance companies and adjust their strategies accordingly, but keeping up with new collision repair procedures is another matter entirely. Moreover, joining a network such as Fix Auto USA aligns progressive shop owners with one another, leveraging the power of a much larger network while maintaining 100 percent ownership and the continued ability to make personal connections with every customer.


Being Part of Something Bigger

Insurance claims and auto manufacturer executives clearly value the passion and drive of the independent body shop owner, and want to continue working with them as business partners. But, there’s also a realization that it is easier for insurance companies and auto manufacturers to work with 10 MSOs, containing a few thousand shops with consistent systems, processes, and expected outcomes, instead of 10,000 disparate business entities to manage. Fix Auto USA positions the independent body shop owner to look, feel, and act like a major MSO.

“Because I aligned my business with Fix Auto USA, I’ve been able to focus on what my shops do best--provide high quality repairs and superior customer service,” says Selvi Rizk, Fix Auto USA Owner-Operator. “Because Fix Auto USA represents my business with auto manufacturers and auto insurers--keeping me up-to-date with these important industry changes--I am comforted by the fact that I have all my bases covered. This affords me the opportunity to elevate my business in a way that I couldn’t do on my own.”


Putting Your Shop on a Path to Succeed

The first step for any independent owner-operator is to accept the fact the industry is changing and the only path to success is embracing these changes while staying ahead of what’s necessary to compete in a more competitive collision repair industry.

By joining Fix Auto USA’s network and proven platform the independent body shop owner can be put on an instant path that addresses all aspects of the changing collision repair industry. This allows these independent owners to realize potential only possible by becoming part of something bigger, while keeping their entrepreneurial spirit and equity in their business.


“As with anything, change can create tremendous opportunity. This is an exciting time to be working with these entrepreneurial business leaders who want to stay in the forefront and capitalize on this evolving phase of our industry,” O’Mahoney continues. “It is rewarding to us at Fix Auto USA to support and empower these businesses allowing them to shift into a higher gear than they even thought was possible. O’Mahoney concludes, “This is such a great time to be in our industry.” 

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