EVs: Here to stay

Feb. 27, 2023
As we know, electric vehicles (EVs) have been a hot topic in the media. What’s going on?

As we know, electric vehicles (EVs) have been a hot topic in the media. What’s going on?

Consumer interest

The past few years have led to massive shift in consumer behaviors and interests. Not only have customers taken increased interest in new technologies, but they have also sought products and services that align with their beliefs. With this, interest in EVs has grown.

Surveys show that consumers are interested in EVs given the potential environmental benefits and reduced operating costs. OEs have focused on bringing additional models to market and offering more models at more affordable price points.

Government interest

Local, state, and the federal government have also taken an interest in EVs. Many states now have mandates requiring all vehicles sold by 2035 to be electric. Additionally, starting in 2023, expanded federal tax incentives for EVs will help offset the initial purchase cost. Several states also offer their own EV purchase incentives.

What does this mean for you as an owner-operator?

With both the shift in consumer behavior and the government incentives and mandates, the number of EVs on the road has grown steadily – meaning more EVs in need of repair. As a result, there has been a push for more owner/operators to obtain certifications, proper equipment, and training to learn how to repair these vehicles.

Most owners have felt this shift firsthand. If they haven’t completed the EV trainings, they’ve been required to send their potential customers down the road to have their vehicle repaired. This has been a major motivator for many owners who are looking to get ahead of the curve and be a part of the first wave of collision repair facilities to become trained and certified in this new era of repairs.

On the flip side, those who have completed trainings have not only seen many EV customers, but they have also started to hear from more of their insurance partners encouraging them to acquire additional OE certifications for the additional EV makes and models.

While many believe it to be a heavy undertaking to prepare a facility and team to service EV customers, it is not as daunting as it may seem. With the help of a dedicated support team such as those at Fix Auto USA, owners can learn more about EVs and the different programs, determine which equipment is necessary to upgrade, and have help in training the technicians to complete this new type of repair.

In addition, Fix Auto USA can leverage partnerships with different DRP programs to position owners who are adopting EV repairs as more diversified and qualified to handle all types of business.

As this industry is ever-changing, Fix Auto USA is determined to stay ahead of the curve, helping their network of owners to continue to provide industry-leading services to all customers.

Visit fixautousa.com to learn more or complete this form if you are interested in franchising with Fix Auto USA.

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