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Immaculate Mixing Room

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Marquis Auto Body

Photo by Tamara DeMello

SHOP: Marquis Auto Body  LOCATION: Santa Rosa, California  OWNER: Troy Aldrich

1) Keeping the mixing room clean and organized is paramount for efficiency, Aldrich says. While revamping the room a year ago, concrete floors were swapped out for white tile, which is easier to clean. Mixing rooms are notoriously messy, but Marquis Auto Body takes great pains to clean up after each job, in addition to a weekly deep clean

2) Aldrich selected DuPont Cromax Pro waterborne paint for its all-encompassing system, easy application and accurate color matches.

3) All spray and mixing equipment is within arm’s reach of the painter, so time isn’t wasted walking in and out of the room. The updated computer system is located directly next to the mixing machine and scale, while the labeled paint color chips and small tools are hung in a cabinet on the wall.

4) The standard operating procedures for all of the mixing equipment are displayed on the wall inside the mixing room. Step-by-step instructions and illustrations detail how to match a paint code or mix a color. The charts ensure that fewer mistakes occur during the mixing process.

5) A model rocket built by a paint technician hangs from the ceiling to personalize the space. Aldrich considers the room to be the painter’s office, and encourages the development of a sense of pride in the work environment. This sense of pride is a big reason for the space’s impeccable appearance.

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