Tesla Autopilot Suggests Lane Change into Oncoming Traffic

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May 22, 2019—Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot feature recently suggested a lane change into oncoming traffic for a Model 3 driver, according to a report by Electrek.

The feature was supposed to enable on-ramp to off-ramp driving on the highway while the system does all its own lane changes based on speed and the destination entered in the navigation system.

In March, Tesla started pushing a new update that enables Navigate on Autopilot to initiate lane changes on its own without asking the driver first. The automaker has already logged in over 9 million lane changes — mostly without issue, but it’s still important for drivers to stay attentive and be ready to take control, according to the report.

A Tesla observer recently noted an example of why that's important, as he shared a picture of a Model 3 owner using Navigate on Autopilot and receiving a lane-change suggestion into upcoming traffic. As photos document, the Model 3 was driving on a two-lane, two-way undivided road, but Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot nevertheless suggested to move to the left lane, even though there was oncoming traffic in the left lane. 



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