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4 Loaner Fleet Tips that Win Over Customers

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Louie Sharp says it’s the little things that matter when it comes to offering a loaner vehicle service

Here are just a few tips for making the service stand out:

  1. Sharp offers his customers a grace period of a week if their vehicle is marked as a total loss by the insurance company.

  2. His two part-time porters are retirees who have the time and the will to travel to the customer and back. The porters are also equipped with all the paperwork necessary to get the customer in the vehicle on the site of the accident or their home.

  3. The program benefits customers with rental coverage on their insurance policy when the rental coverage is too low for the customer to rent a car. This works best for people who are only allotted about $15–$20 per day, Sharp says.

  4. As long as a customer is 19 years old, they can use a loaner vehicle. Sharp says this helps relieve stress for parents when their young adult children are involved in an accident.

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