May 2024

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How to Mitigate Collision Repair Shop Fire Risk

May 23, 2024
Identify these shop hazards to increase safety and aid regulation compliance.
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Shop Profiles

Collision Correction: From Side Hustle to Thriving Business 

May 21, 2024
Darryl Liechti’s shop is growing rapidly, thanks to his focus on customer-centric, honest operations.
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Lobsiger: The Four Stages to Freedom  

May 20, 2024
With time and strategic planning, you can reach the point of managing your shop from afar. But you must learn from folks smarter than you.
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Shop Workflow is Part Planning, Part Process

May 17, 2024
A well-designed shop will only run as efficiently as the processes guiding it.
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A Look at the Future of Vehicle Intake

May 16, 2024
UVeye is a 'drive-through MRI system for vehicles.' One shop director says it’s revolutionized his shops.

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Caliber Collision

Combating the Tech Shortage via Apprenticeship

Eddie Hightower talks about the benefits of Caliber Collision's apprenticeship program and how it can help bring in more trained collision repairers across the country.
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How to Leverage Digital Marketing

May 13, 2024
It can be the most effective tool to stay on top of your customer’s mind.
Jay Sicht

Q&A: EV Collision Repair Costs and Trends

Kevin FitzPatrick of Opus IVS explains why EVs are so expensive to repair and how to evaluate when is the right time to get certified.
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Hope is Not a Strategy

May 7, 2024
How to Implement a Quality Assurance Process
Driver's Seat

Ready Access to the Correct Repair Information 

May 6, 2024
I-CAR's RTS App Should be in Your Technicians' Toolbox
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Menefee: Maintaining Vehicle Security in an Increasingly Connected World 

May 3, 2024
Are you making your customers’ vehicles vulnerable to being held for ransom?

Bryant: The Collision Repair Conundrum: Retaining Talent in a Private Equity Era 

May 1, 2024
Large MSO money creates a high risk of converting some of our most loyal staff