New Internet site booted up by Nitto to assist with tire choices

Jan. 1, 2020
Nitto has launched a newly redesigned website to help car and truck owners evaluate and select the correct tires for their particular application.
Nitto has launched a newly redesigned website to help car and truck owners evaluate and select the correct tires for their particular application.

“Our objective was to create a tire selection experience that is just as accessible and useful to the everyday vehicle owner as it is to the dedicated automotive enthusiast,” says marketing manager Gloria Miyamoto.

“We also wanted to create a venue where our growing base of Nitto Tire advocates can interact with us and with other auto and truck fans,” she adds, “using popular social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.”

Optimized for mobile devices, the new website employs the latest technology, vivid graphics and animations, text and social media to engage users in an interactive experience that enables them to quickly and easily research, evaluate and select the right tires for their vehicle, according to Miyamoto.

The site also promotes participation in Nitto’s active user community, which numbers more than 262,000 on Facebook alone, she says.

It is designed to automatically detect and serve either Flash or non-Flash graphics for iPhone and iPad users.

Upon entering the URL, users have the option to click on one of three tire categories to view multi-dimensional images and highly detailed descriptions of the company’s Grappler truck, street and competition models.

They also can search by vehicle type, model and other filters to locate the right tire and size. And they can review daily news updates, view special multi-media features, follow recent Twitter tweets or share information with their friends by clicking “Like” and joining fellow enthusiasts who receive news and post information on the company’s Facebook page.

Users can also search and geo-map Nitto’s tire dealers by ZIP code. A section called “Tires 101” is for those who want to know the basics before exploring the details, Miyamoto reports.

The new Internet presence was designed and implemented by Cie Studios of Long Beach, Calif.

For more information, visit and

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