Toyo's Millen aiming to top Pikes' summit in under 10 minutes

Jan. 1, 2020
Readying for a record-setting run on off-the-shelf street legal Toyo tires, racer Rhys Millen?s goal is to break the elusive 10-minute mark at this weekend?s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Readying for a record-setting run on off-the-shelf street legal Toyo tires, racer Rhys Millen’s goal is to break the elusive 10-minute mark at this weekend’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Millen will be challenging the mountain in his specially constructed Red Bull RMR Hyundai Genesis PM580 Unlimited Class car. It has a tubular chassis construction wrapped in a one-off carbon fiber body.

The all-wheel-drive entry features a stroked and turbocharged 4.1-liter Hyundai Lambda V6 engine.

Last year, Millen used Toyo’s Proxes R1R extreme performance tires when he piloted his 550-horsepower two-wheel-drive Red Bull RMR Hyundai Genesis Coupe to a record-setting win in the Time Attack 2WD division. Using the off-the-shelf tires, Millen also set a world record for his class with a time of 12:09:397.

Depending on the weather and surface conditions the day of the race, Millen will choose either the Proxes R1R again or the Proxes RA1, a street legal competition tire.

“The Pikes Peak race course surface is not like your traditional race track surface,” says Millen. “It is a 60 percent tarmac and 40 percent gravel mix with extreme weather conditions, and has below average surface temperatures,” he explains.

“Based on this, a true race tire is out of its element, but the Toyo tires are right at home with tons of grip, superior handling and the confidence to set a new world record,” Millen notes.

“We are excited to be a part of Rhys Millen’s record attempt to break the 10-minute mark at Pikes Peak,” says Stan Chen, manager of events and motorsports.

“Millen has tremendous experience on that mountain and knows what it takes to win,” according to Chen. “Toyo tires will be the perfect complement to his skills and knowledge, giving him the control and performance he needs to finish under 10 minutes.”

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