QuickBooks debuts new program for owners, bookkeepers

Feb. 26, 2018
AEII-QuickBooksRus is proudly debuting “The Owner’s Handbook & The Bookkeepers Perspective,” taught by Certified Quick Books Advisor and former collision repair shop owner Tony Passwater.

AEII-QuickBooksRus is proudly debuting “The Owner’s Handbook & The Bookkeepers Perspective,” taught by Certified Quick Books Advisor and former collision repair shop owner Tony Passwater. It is an exclusive 2-day training course specifically tailored for the collision industry.  

“The Bookkeeper’s Perspective”, a one of a kind “hands on” training program. Participants will have the opportunity to work in a “live” setting with their own individual computers equipped with the Quick Books program taking what they learn and putting it to use. This method allows the instructor to determine if the student properly comprehends the task and has the ability to respond with immediate feedback and/or class time problem solving whereby creating a different type of opportunity for the participant. Class size will be limited to 15 participants.

Per Yumi Vaught, “Gone is the day of just providing a presentation to your audience in hopes that they are understanding and confident enough to “try” what they have heard for the day. Now, prior to departing class one can be positive that the proper changes can be made at the shop to ensure a smoother functioning operation. “

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This educational opportunity not only will make your day to day, month to month operation run more smoothly but even your CPA will be thankful for the concise information you are providing at years end.

For more information, please go to quickbookslivetraining.com and pick the corresponding date on the calendar to register and/or learn more about the modules. Should you have additional questions concerning the classes in Indiana or would like to hold a class in your geographic area, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] or 657-244-5949.

Additionally, we also offer the “Owner’s Handbook”, a program designed specifically for the facility owner/manager. The individual who reviews the monthly Quick Books reports and utilizes that data as a key determinant for future business endeavors. Reporting expectations, comprehending financial statements, and benchmarking are but a few of the items covered. Hopes are to be able to offer it in conjunction with the two-day class in the near future.

“Accurate accounting/book keeping education is a much requested/needed segment in the collision repair industry. I am constantly hearing people make that specific request and hope that the industry will get on board and sign up for this unique experience,” says Kristen Felder of Collision Hub.

Our first classes will occur in Indianapolis, IN on April 20-21, 2018. Please note that class sponsorship opportunities are also available as they assist in keeping registration costs down.

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