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  • February 2024

    Courtesy of 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division
    Painter spraying bumper cover in booth

    Make Getting Paid for Painting Less of a Pain 

    Feb. 20, 2024
    Compensation for paint and materials is like any part of running your business—be thorough and focus on the details.
    Dreamstime 32871454
    Mustang car show

    Inspire New Recruits While Changing the Narrative

    Feb. 19, 2024
    The more shops that run apprentice programs, the better it will be for everyone in the industry, say these two operators.
    Adobe Stock 482105765

    Bryant: Maintain Standards with Phone Call Audits

    Feb. 16, 2024
    How incoming and outgoing calls are answered and handled can make or break your customer experience.
    File Photo/Charlotte Wedding Photographers, Michael Cuthbertson

    Lobsiger: Building a Waste-Free Repair, Part 2

    Feb. 15, 2024
    Implement written processes and visual systems for blueprinting to reduce additional steps.
    Adobe Stock 296907486
    Shop Life

    Menefee: A Lesson in Handling an Unruly Customer

    Feb. 14, 2024
    The toughest client can test a shop owner's patience. Could you or your team members benefit from customer service training?

    More content from February 2024

    Charles Caswell

    How to Plan for Lean Production  

    Feb. 12, 2024
    Adjust your processes to combat rising cycle times.
    Louisville Collision Center

    Louisville Collision Center Responds to Employee’s Tragedy

    After Collision Repair Technician Gary Noble was severely injured in a car accident, his co-workers got together to help him out.
    Photo by Jay Sicht

    Pondering an Electrified Future

    Feb. 9, 2024
    EVs are not going away. Are you tooled up to accommodate them?
    Jay Sicht
    Crash-tested Tesla Model Y

    Prep Your Shop for EVs

    Feb. 8, 2024
    Before EVs roll into your shop, make sure you’re equipped to handle them.

    Fine-Tune Your Repair Plan

    Feb. 8, 2024
    Are you missing out on capturing these commonly missed items?

    Daku’s Auto Body Shop: 75 Years Strong and Counting 

    Feb. 8, 2024
    OEM certifications and ADAS calibration business build upon the family's legacy
    Photos courtesy of Superior Auto Body

    Snap Shop: Superior Auto Body

    Doug Bowman's property acquisitions tripled his space, allowing for an increased workload and enhanced customer service.