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The Millennial Shop Owner’s Vision for Collision Repair

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The Millennial Shop Owner’s Vision for Collision Repair
Millennial shop owners detail the progressive strategies that will separate them from the pack in the new year.

Since the day he graduated with his MBA, Kevin Taylor hasn’t bought a pair of dress shoes or slacks.

He has, however, purchased a few pairs of ostrich cowboy boots for nicer occasions; some buffalo and calf boots for casual settings; oh, and if he really wants to pull all the stops, his go-to “fancy” boots are made from the belly of caiman (a South American crocodile).

It’s certainly not traditional dress for a businessman and his employees (who almost all wear cowboy boots, by the way), but then again, very little about Taylor’s Maaco shop in Houston is “traditional.” On the surface, it’s just another Maaco shop—but once you step inside? And once you meet the owner and his staff? And once you realize how streamlined the operations are? The perception changes. This young shop owner is showing that once you stray from the norm and adopt some progressive attitudes about running a business, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb—in a good way.

“Being young, dumb and aggressive probably helped me early on more than I know,” Taylor says. “I didn’t know what to say no to.”

Young, dumb and aggressive—labels Taylor proudly assigns to himself and his crew. That fearless approach to an industry (that he claims is a little “too set in its ways”) is what unites the three shop owners featured in this article, who all want to offer this simple, yet indispensable, piece of advice as your shop heads into the new year: Don’t be afraid of change. Each of these three millennial businessmen stepped into shops that were steeped in tradition, and quickly transitioned those shops into unprecedented territory.

Hopefully, by the time you’ve finished hearing their stories, Taylor hopes “young, dumb and aggressive” won’t sound like a fault—it will become a mantra. It will give you hope about the future leaders of this industry.

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