Tesla Software Update Helps Avoid Rough Road Damage

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July 6, 2022—Tesla has announced that its newest software update allows its cars to scan for rough roads.

According to Electrek, the vehicles can adjust suspension in order to avoid damage from obstacles such as potholes. This announcement comes two years after Tesla initially introduced an Autopilot concept which would include vehicles detecting potholes and creating mini-maps in order to remember them.

Tesla Autopilot has not yet fully achieved this feat. But this recent announcement of vehicle suspension adjustment shows that Tesla is still actively working towards greater innovation. The software update is only available for Tesla vehicles that have adaptive suspension, including the new Model S and Model X. 

The idea behind this update is that it will not only reduce damage to the vehicles, but will also capture accurate data for Tesla's systems.

"Tesla Adaptive Suspension will now adjust ride height for an upcoming rough road section. This adjustment may occur at various locations, subject to availability, as the vehicle downloads rough road map data generated by Tesla vehicles," Tesla noted in its 2022.20 software update, according to Electrek.

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