Texas Leads Nation in Claims for Hail Damage

April 29, 2020
According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Texas leads the nation with 23 percent of loss claims filed for hail damage over the years.

April 29, 2020—The National Insurance Crime Bureau released a three-year analysis of insurance claims associated with hail storms in the U.S., and Texas led the nation with the most claims, reported the Insurance Journal.

The top five states for hail-loss claims were Texas (637,977), Colorado (380,066), Nebraska (161,374), Minnesota (150,673) and Illinois (150,416). Omaha, Neb., was the top city for hail loss claims during that period. Denver, Colo., came in second. 

May experienced the highest total of hail-loss claims, followed by June, March, April and July. Overall, there were 734,985 personal auto claims.