Overflow of Parts From Iowa Body Shop Causes Ruckus

Feb. 20, 2023

Four Seasons Auto Body in Fairfield, Iowa, has violated "municipal infractions" in the city due to inventory from the shop overflowing into city streets.

Feb. 20, 2023–Four Seasons Auto Body in Fairfield, Iowa, has caused an issue due to overflow from their junkyard causing obstacles in city roads, Southwest Iowa Union reports.

The business located at 700 W. Jefferson Ave. and 400 S. Seventh St. violated “municipal infractions” in the city of Fairfield, receiving “three letters and several verbal notices from the city” to clean up the surplus of inventory.

When Fairfield Code Compliance Officer Weston McKee surveyed a right-of-way near the location, he found it had been infiltrated with junk such as “pallets, trailers, a broken tow truck and a scrap car chained to a tree.” 

McKee said during a Fairfield City Council meeting that in order for the business to obtain a letter of approval from the city that is needed to get a vehicle recyclers license from the state, the city should revoke it if Four Seasons’ owner cannot maintain the property.

Additionally, McKee found that the business had lacked a recyclers license since 2020, and has never received a junkyard permit from the city. 

Carlson was present at the council meeting and objected to the criticisms, saying he “has had a recyclers license for years” and that McKee was being “very aggressive on this issue.”

Carlson and the city council decided on the resolution of Carlson putting up a fence around the property by May to hide the vehicles.

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