Insurer Offers Winter Driving Warning

Jan. 28, 2020
GEICO recently reminded drivers not to fall for misconceptions related to winter driving.

Jan. 28, 2020—To better prepare for winter weather conditions, GEICO reminds drivers not to fall for the below misconceptions related to winter driving.

Common Winter Driving Misconceptions:

  • If my windows are clear, it’s fine to proceed: In addition to cleaning snow off all windows, drivers need to focus on the roof of the car as well. Chunks of snow and ice can fly off once a car starts moving, and they can hit other nearby vehicles potentially creating a hazard. 
  • The condition of my tires doesn’t matter: Riding on worn tires when roads get slippery greatly increases the chances of a vehicle skidding out. 
  • Since my car has all-wheel-drive, it’s okay to go normal speeds: An all-wheel-drive system can help a car accelerate better in slippery conditions; however, it does not provide much added benefit when it comes time to stop. Drivers still need to take it slow in treacherous conditions so they don’t put themselves at risk of sliding when they brake.