AirPro Collaboration Will Bring ADAS Training to Shops

Jan. 12, 2021
AirPro Diagnostics has teamed up with yet another company to provide ADAS calibration assistance with the aim to empower shops.

Jan. 12, 2021—AirPro Diagnostics is collaborating with Car ADAS Solutions with the goal of delivering calibration solutions to shops. 

According to a press release, AirPro and Car ADAS Solutions "will assist shops in becoming ADAS calibration experts, by providing training and a network of experts to continuously support them along the way." Support includes set-up, training, implementation, and validation of calibration services.

"The partnership of AirPro and Car ADAS Solutions helps repairers not only service vehicles properly, we guide customers into a new revenue stream,” Greg Peeters, CEO and founder of Car ADAS, says in the release. “We teach customers how to properly calibrate vehicles, mitigate liability, improve cycle time, quality, and bottom line.”