Ohio Repair Shop Recognized for Green Efforts

March 4, 2021
Baker's Collision Repair Specialists has found unique ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

March 4, 2021—Baker's Collision Repair Specialists in Mansfield, Ohio, was recently recognized by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's Encouraging Environmental Excellence program.

Baker's Collision was awarded for its efforts in reducing emissions from its painting operations, as reported by Richland Source. Baker's now uses primarily waterborne paints in its paint department, as opposed to solvent-based paints. In some cases, when solvent-based paints are unavoidable, the repair shop will "cook" the used paint until it vaporizes and recondenses, making it reusable. 

Baker's also recycles everything from trash to steel, to mechanic fluids and their containers. Other efforts include the shop's switch to entirely LED motion-activated lighting, which shop owner DeLee Powell told Richland Source saves the shop nearly $5,000 a year in electricity bills.