John Bean Rolls Out ADAS Improvements

March 17, 2021
John Bean introduces a new ADAS system to allow for single-technician operation.

March 17, 2021—John Bean recently introduced Tru-Point, a new "all-in-one" advanced driver-assistance system calibration tool, according to a press release. The system allows shops to ensure repaired vehicles are compliant with OEM alignment and target placement procedures.

Tru-Point enables a single technician to operate the platform with real-time instructions, says the press release. It also allows for real-time measurements to be taken from anywhere, even on the alignment rack.

“Tru-Point takes ADAS recalibration to the next level. This groundbreaking system enables the vehicle’s drive direction toward safety and provides the highest level of precision for placing ADAS targets,” Mariana Montovaneli, the director of marketing at John Bean, says in the release.