N.Y. Body Shop Sues for $11.5M, Dealership Countersues

Nov. 29, 2017
North State Custom sued Celebrity Auto of Westchester for $11.5 million because, as the shop alleged, Celebrity was an unauthorized repair shop and engaged in unlawful activity.

Nov. 29, 2017—Gregory Coccaro, owner of North State Custom in Bedford Hills, N.Y. sued Celebrity Auto of Westchester (DBA Mercedes Benz of Goldens Bridge) for $11.5 million because, as Coccaro alleges, Celebrity was an unauthorized repair shop and engaged in unlawful activity. 

However, Celebrity has filed papers in court, suing North State and its owner Gregory Coccaro, Jr. and submitted proof of its New York State Repair Shop License. 

Celebrity has also alleged that North State's case is frivolous and should be dismissed. 

Celebrity's Court filings state that after a dispute arose with North State regarding the manner in which North State would bill Celebrity for parts, North State claimed that "Celebrity is not a registered authorized repair shop," and it accused Celebrity of unlawful conduct. 

Celebrity's court papers attach proof of its New York State Repair Shop License, and it asserts that it has at all times acted in accordance with New York State Law. 

North State and Coccaro now find themselves as defendants in a counter-suit by Celebrity for defamation, abuse of process, and other claims arising out of the statements they made against Celebrity. 

"Not only is Celebrity a licensed, fully authorized repair shop," says Gross, but he adds, "North State and Coccaro acted in reckless disregard for the truth when they made their false allegations, and they grossly failed to conduct even the most minimal due diligence. All they had to do was check New York's DMV's website and they would have seen for themselves that Celebrity is fully licensed."

The Supreme Court in New York will get to weigh in on this matter, when it decides Celebrity's pending motion to dismiss and weighs in on the facts it presented in its counter-suit over the next several weeks.

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