American Honda launches new consumer collision brochure

Jan. 1, 2020

American Honda Motor Co. announced the launch of a new consumer-oriented brochure.

American Honda Motor Co. announced the launch of a new consumer-oriented brochure entitled, "A Honda Owner's Guide To Collision Repair - Five Things Every Honda Owner Should Know About Collision Repair." This is a companion piece to the recently launched consumer collision information website,

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The brochure addresses:

  • Honda quality and how Honda collision-related parts work together as a system
  • How using something other than Honda parts could affect the performance of other parts in the system
  • How repair shops differ and how consumers should look for a quality shop
  • How consumers have a choice, and have a voice, in how their car is repaired
  • How consumers should go to for more information on collision repair and collision parts The brochures also contain a QR code directing consumers to the consumer website with their cell phone.

Collision shops can order the brochures, free of charge, by calling Archway Distribution at 440-572- 7266 and ordering item number CPHCAK12. The brochures come in a handy countertop display.

For more information visit