Champion announces $40 Automotive Spark Plugs rebate

Jan. 1, 2020
Now through November 30, 2012, consumers can receive up to $40

in mail-in rebates by purchasing Champion spark plugs.
Looking for a way to save money on a high-quality automotive tune-up? Choose “Performance Driven™” Champion® spark plugs from any of thousands of U.S. auto parts retailers. Champion plugs are manufactured by global vehicle components supplier Federal-Mogul Corporation.

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Now through November 30, 2012, consumers can receive up to $40 in mail-in rebates by purchasing Champion Iridium, Champion Double Platinum™ Power, Champion Platinum™ Power or Champion Copper Plus® spark plugs for their automotive engines. Federal-Mogul is offering a $2.50 rebate on each Champion Iridium plug, $2 on Champion Double Platinum Power and Champion Platinum Power plugs, and 50 cents on each Champion Copper Plus plug up to a limit of $40 per person and/or household.

Federal-Mogul has made it easy to submit and track Champion rebates through the new website. Rebate submissions must be postmarked within 14 days of purchase. Visit for other rules and restrictions.

“We always suggest that consumers follow the manufacturer’s recommended scheduled maintenance for their vehicles, but if you’re experiencing a decrease in gas mileage or your engine isn’t running efficiently, that’s a sign you should consider a tune-up,” said Champion Brand Manager Ann Skrycki-Mohler. “Worn spark plugs can decrease engine performance and contribute to reduced gas mileage. With today’s fuel prices, tuning up your vehicle and increasing fuel efficiency, engine performance and overall reliability makes sense, and our rebate offer provides an extra incentive on the latest Champion plug technologies.”

Premium Champion Iridium spark plugs feature a fine-wire iridium center electrode and the brand’s exclusive Heat-Active™ alloy for maximum performance and long life. Double Platinum Power spark plugs are equipped with two platinum conductors and the Heat-Active alloy, ensuring exceptional performance in virtually any domestic or foreign-nameplate engine. The single platinum conductor in Champion Platinum Power plugs helps provide better ignitability and smoother idle under a wide range of operating conditions. The brand’s dependable and durable Copper Plus spark plugs feature nickel alloy center and ground electrodes for strong performance and long life.

For more information regarding Champion spark plugs, simply visit the nearest Champion provider or log on to To identify the best Champion plug for any application, please use the free electronic catalog.

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