TIA offers numerous educational sessions at Las Vegas tire show

Jan. 1, 2020
An extensive lineup of useful programs is set for the Tire Industry Association (TIA) Nov. 1-4 Global Tire Expo, which is part of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas.
An extensive lineup of useful programs is set for the Tire Industry Association (TIA) Nov. 1-4 Global Tire Expo, which is part of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas.

“TIA’s reputation for providing the best tire training and education in the business is borne out by this first-class slate of educational sessions,” says TIA Executive Vice President Roy Littlefield.

“Global Tire Expo attendees will have the opportunity to receive valuable knowledge and advice given by some of the top experts in their field and still have plenty of time to spend on the Expo floor, where they can conduct the business that is vital to their health and growth,” he reports.

In addition to the four educational session tracks from last year’s Expo (TPMS at 10, Truck Tires at 10, Tires at 2 and Management at 4), a new session track has been created: Green @ Noon.

The following is a current list and description of each session within these tracks:

TPMS at 10:
Tuesday, Nov. 1:
The World of Programmable and Multi-Format TPMS Replacement Sensors.
This seminar will feature representatives from Alligator, Continental Automotive Systems US, Orange Electronic, Schrader Electronics and 31, Inc. They will be discussing their product and how it best serves the needs of the tire dealer when replacing TPMS sensors. With the replacement market constantly growing in the TPMS aftermarket, the need has never been greater to understand what is out there to help make TPMS sensor replacement easier for the tire dealer.

Wednesday, Nov. 2:
TPMS Tools of the Trade.
Representatives from ATEQ Corp., Bartec USA, and SPX Service Solutions will discuss their latest products and how they can help the tire dealer service vehicles equipped with TPMS. With close to 30 million sensors needing replacement in the next two years, tire dealers need to know what products are required to service TPMS on these vehicles quickly and with confidence.



Thursday, Nov. 3:
TPMS Diagnostics.
Back by popular demand, Matthew White, TIA’s senior ATS/TPMS instructor, along with Sean MacKinnon, TIA’s director of automotive training development, will be conducting a seminar on TPMS diagnostics. This seminar will focus on TPMS troubleshooting and diagnostic skills that help the tire dealer gain the confidence to begin turning TPMS lights into profit.

Truck Tires at 10:
Tuesday, Nov. 1:

CSA and Truck Tire Service.
Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) is the Federal government’s new initiative for improving large truck and bus safety. CSA uses data from roadside inspections, state-reported crashes and the Federal Motor Carrier Census to quantify the performance of each fleet in a number of different areas. In addition, drivers are assessed points for violations under CSA, so enforcement officers can more easily identify habitual offenders. This seminar will outline the requirements for CSA and explain how they relate to the commercial truck tire service industry.

Wednesday, Nov. 2:
The Future of Emergency Road Service. Up until recently, commercial tire dealers who provide emergency road service have been focused on tire work. With the new CSA regulations in place, there is an increased need for additional types of roadside repairs that may create new profit centers. This seminar will focus on the types of light mechanical repairs that truck tire technicians should be able to perform with some additional training, tools and equipment.

Tuesday, Nov. 1: Sustainability & Environmental Best Practices.

Part 1
Sustainable Tire, Battery and Automotive Shops
“Sustainability” is now a common buzzword. But, what exactly does it mean? Many companies have “sustainability initiatives.” It is now used to identify superior environmental performance, but it means more than that. How does this concept intersect with the retail tire, battery and automotive service sector, and what should tire dealers do about it? Going beyond simple compliance with laws, sustainability takes a long-term view past the boundaries of our own operations. A high-level view of what sustainability is about will help attendees’ businesses go from reactive to proactive, so they can be ready for the future.


Part 2
Environmental Best Practices for the Tire, Battery and Automotive Dealer
It's no longer, “Are my shops and services environmentally regulated?” It’s how tire dealers effectively and economically deal with the regulations that matter. A well-organized and clearly articulated best management practices program will allow them to stay in compliance, avoid fines and create an improved environmental image, which may be the competitive differentiator they’re looking for.

Wednesday, Nov. 2:
Tire Manufacturers Going Green.
The session will focus on what manufacturers are doing “inside the tire” to make them more environmentally friendly.

Thursday, Nov. 3:
What are Dealers Doing to “Green” Their Tire Business?
“Green” is here to stay. And the smart tire dealers are implementing concepts to make being eco-friendly an effective and financially viable endeavor. In this forum, attendees will have an opportunity to hear from three representatives representing a large, national retailer, a tire manufacturer and an independent tire dealer on how they are making “green” work for them. There will also be a question and answer period, so attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to their business. Attendees will also learn how to make environmental sustainability a practical – and profitable – reality and get the jump on their competition.

Tires at 2:
Tuesday, Nov. 1:
Successful Tire Dealers Share Their Secrets.
The longest-running seminar in history of tire industry conventions returns with a new group of presentations. Each speaker will give a short presentation on what they believe has led to their success. They then will participate in a panel discussion with the audience. It's been an amazing free exchange of ideas among tire dealers for decades, and judging from last year's edition, this new format is ready to take it to the next level. Wednesday, Nov. 2:
Managing the Excellence in Your Sales Force. Managing excellence can be a daunting task for managers and owners. Luckily, there are principles that will make perfecting this art more efficient. During this presentation, managers and owners will be engaged in a dialogue that will improve their perspective on managing, so they can encourage more success. This session will cover talking points like what to expect over the phone, establishing relationships and building value. Valuable strategies to help sales people ask for the business and identify the traits of blind managers who stand in their way will also be discussed.



Thursday, Nov. 3:
Repair the Tire, or Fix the Flat?
When a foreign object penetrates a tire and causes air to leak, there are a number of different guidelines that must be considered before attempting to stop the loss of air. This seminar will outline the various repair limitations for passenger car and light truck tires, so attendees have a better understanding of what is and is not repairable. Following the presentation, industry experts will participate in a panel discussion regarding the state of tire repair and the recommended practices that service providers should follow.

Management at 4:
Tuesday, Nov. 1:
Understanding Health Care Reform.
A panel of insurance experts will outline the main requirements for employers under the new health care reform law. Following the summary of the legislation, the panel will explain several approaches that employers can select to comply with the regulations. Specifically, they will address Limited Medical Indemnity insurance plans to demonstrate how employers and employees can control their health care costs. Various options of coverage and choices will be discussed along with data and statistics relating to why indemnity plans work.

Wednesday, Nov. 2:
What Women Want.

Women are just as passionate about the cars they drive as men are, and they are equally capable of making purchasing decisions from local automotive service providers. By creating an experience that has the “wow” effect on women, retailers can increase market share, drive return on investment and differentiate themselves from their competitors. This seminar will help attendees learn how to create a culture and experience that attracts and retains loyal women customers.

Thursday, Nov. 3:
When Will You be “Finished?”

Too many business owners are caught up in running their operations to stop and think about their ultimate goal. Is owning the business a family asset – or a job? If a tire dealer wants to own an asset (much more valuable than a job), what does it look like when it is complete – in other words, finished? This session will provide attendees with an insightful examination of the true purpose for owning a business and where it might lead them. It will also help owners refocus their attention on how to achieve what all true entrepreneurs want from their businesses:

For more information, visit www.tireindustry.org.

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