Best-One revamping communications capabilities

Jan. 1, 2020
Best-One Tire & Service, the world's largest Bridgestone/Firestone dealer, is rolling out new systems to improve telephone and data transfer capabilities among its 250 locations.
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Best-One Tire & Service, the world’s largest Bridgestone/Firestone dealer, is rolling out new systems to improve telephone and data transfer capabilities among its 250 locations.

The company’s three-year contract with AT&T will “drive our local and national operations toward greater velocity and flexibility,” says Michael Podszywalow, Best-One’s technology director. “Those internal enhancements enable better service quality to our customers in Indiana and across the country.”

AT&T reports it will deliver Internet Protocol (IP)-based solutions and other telecommunications services aimed at providing “the flexibility and efficiency to compete in the marketplace.” AT&T will also manage Best-One’s voice services.

The IP Flexible Reach system utilizes Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to supply a single network with scalable bandwidth using an existing analog network platform to distribute calls for optimal routing and control.

According to AT&T, “This solution saves the tire distributor thousands of dollars that would be needed to revamp analog circuits to advanced VoIP technology and keeps existing telecommunications systems in place.”

Best-One will also receive Managed Internet Service (MIS) through AT&T’s Private Network Transport (PNT). With high speed access, the MIS systems will provide technical support and monitored access for around-the-clock enhanced security. When paired with AT&T’s handling of long distance voice service among the various Best-One locations, “the company receives optimal customer service and solutions for its communications needs,” AT&T says.

In addition to advanced networking and voice solutions, Best-One will be supplied with simplified accounting and financial management tools through the BusinessDirect Web portal. The system is designed to provide secure access to corporate online applications for convenient bill payment and data analysis.

Best-One, founded in 1948 by Paul Zurcher in Monroe, Ind., is among the largest independent tire dealers in the United States. In addition to its status as the planet’s biggest Bridgestone/Firestone dealer, the company is one of the largest Bandag Retreaders in the U.S.

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