Assured Performance Network Launches Mobile Inspection Audit App

Feb. 25, 2016

Feb. 25, 2016—Assured Performance Network announced on Thursday enhancements to its 5-Step Certification Validation Process in the form of a mobile app.

The Assured Performance 5-Step Certification Validation Process begins with a capability assessment supported by electronic documentations as the initial proof of compliance step. The information is then uploaded to the app and reviewed by an internal account manager to check for any deficiencies and complete compliance prior to the next step, the on-site inspection audit. Then, a trained and tested inspector provides the audit while electronically documenting all possession and use of the various tools, equipment and facility modifications required by participating OEMs.

“Our Inspectors must always be above reproach and efficient and consistent as they document the shops proof of compliance,” said Michael Quinn, executive VP of Assured Performance. “We built this special app and added it to our 5-Step Certification Validation Process to help our network achieve an even higher level of excellence and integrity.”

Next in the process, an internal auditor will review the inspector’s uploaded report and visual documentation. Last, a final review will be done by a representative of the participating OEM, to ensure all requirements have been fulfilled before official Certification is granted.