Seminar Helps Shop Owners with Methods for Collecting Payment

July 15, 2015

July 15, 2015—On July 2 in Waltham, Mass., body repair industry professionals and attorneys from three states learned methods to help them collect their short-term paid invoices from payers/insurers during a full-day seminar.

Participants of the seminar were instructed on how to create their own pricing structures, charge for all products sold and work performed, and to set up a method for collecting invoices not fully paid. These methods included the use of the court system, especially for simple breach of contract cases.

Tony Lombardozzi and Peter Abdelmaseh, long-time independent industry advocates and co-founders of Superare Advertising + Marketing agency, spoke of the main reasons that shop owners have created poor financial conditions for their businesses. They cite the acceptance of what they refer to as the “Insurer Control and Pavement System” or “ICPS”, as one of the main reasons.

Shop owners were shown how the “ideal process” would work, along with the documentation and legal principles that could make it practical for shops and present a challenge for insurers to defend against. The presenters stressed that using the proper contracts and documentation would be high-quality evidence in the courtroom.