Nissan Rolls Out Rebate Program for Nissan and Infiniti Parts Purchased Through OPSTrax

Oct. 9, 2023
The OEM says the initiative will assist in driving better relationships and increase safety

Collision repairers looking to increase their use of OEM parts just got a boost in the form of a new rebate program by Nissan. The Trax Rebate program applies to all Nissan and Infiniti parts ordered as part of a complete repair estimate through the online parts procurement tool OPSTrax.

“Nissan understands that our customers’ safety comes first, and we know the safest repair is one with 100% OEM parts with trained technicians and the right tools,” said Daniel Dent, manager of Wholesale-Collision, Certified Repair Network for Nissan, Group of the Americas. “The program has been in development for years, and we know it gives the independent shop operator an opportunity to take another step toward ensuring they install the parts they feel more confident in.”

The amount of the rebates progressively increases based on the percentage of Nissan or Infiniti OEM parts purchases, with steps at 65 to 74.99%, 75 to 84.99%, and over 85%. For an example repair that requires $3,200 in parts, Dent said, a non-Nissan-certified or non-Infiniti-certified shop using RepairLogic that buys up to 85% ($2,720, in this example) of the parts requirement as Nissan OEM parts would receive a rebate of $48. At the other end of the spectrum, an Infiniti-certified or Nissan-certified shop purchasing 100% Infiniti or Nissan OEM parts on the repair estimate would receive a $153.60 rebate.

“The shop will get a rebate direct via ACH to their chosen business account,” Dent says. “They can use that rebate to cover any expense or improvement they choose.”

There is no “catch” or parts that are ineligible, Dent says, although there is a 5% administrative fee off the total rebate, which the shop pays monthly.

“Nissan and Infiniti are striving to provide more value and benefits to our collision center customers,” he says. “We will continue to listen to the owners and operators to positively impact their business and people at the grassroots level. We strongly feel this new initiative assists in driving better relationships with our dealers, customers and owners of our vehicles. We are proud to partner with businesses and individuals who care about the customer experience and providing the absolute safest repair possible.”

For more information on the new program, click here

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