Certified Collision Group adds leading independent collision repair operator to 1stCERTIFIED platform

Nov. 12, 2015
Certified Collision Group (CCG) announced further expansion of the its 1stCERTIFIED initiative. With the California addition of Red Hill Collision Center, the group now offers more than two dozen affiliate locations in 4 states.
Certified Collision Group (CCG) announced further expansion of the its 1stCERTIFIED™ initiative. With the California addition of Red Hill Collision Center, the group now offers more than two dozen affiliate locations in 4 states.

 The father and son team of Armando and Christian are the second and third generations of the Nogueiras family that has providing quality collision repair to the Southern California community for nearly 44 years ago. Armando Nogueiras worked in his father's Los Angeles shop at the age of 15, was an operations manager by 18 and has been an owner operator since 1986. Christian, now 30, has held virtually every position available in the collision repair business and is currently the President of Red Hill. Breaking ground for their new state-of-the-art facility in 2013, the Nogueiras family continues more than 50 years of providing trusted and leading edge collision repair. Red Hill's father and son duo possess a commitment to old world craftsmanship, while utilizing the most technologically advanced  management and repair capabilities as exhibited by Red Hill's OEM certifications and advanced aluminum repair capabilities. They are a family business fully committed to repair quality and proud to serve their community's collision repair needs.

"CCG is executing on a strategy that aligns very well with Red Hill's commitment to market-leading KPI performance, advanced aluminum repair expertise and consistency in delivering quality repair outcomes for our customers and DRP partners," commented Armando Nogueiras, CEO and Founder of Red Hill. "Knowing that 1stCERTIFIED™membership is only achievable through a strict qualification process focusing on proven performance, advanced repair capabilities and successful DRP participation, truly resonates with us. The opportunity for us to participate in a national entity that is 100% aligned with our commitment to repair quality, fully supports our desire to retain our market brand and identity while competing more effectively in a rapidly consolidating industry."

1stCERTIFIED™ affiliates are OEM certification-centric, ensuring that each facility possesses the equipment, training and skills necessary to meet or exceed industry repair standards.  Affiliates are those who consistently deliver verifiable, market-leading, proven performance in repair quality, customer satisfaction, cycle time and loss of use management.

Thomas Adams, CCG Managing Director stated, "The addition of Red Hill exemplifies our mission to identify the very best independent operators - those with unmatched commitment to proven KPI performance results, advanced repair capabilities, providing highest quality repair outcomes - then to vigorously assist them in sustaining and strategically growing their businesses. This is to the benefit of our of all CCG affiliates and the insurance community alike".

About Certified Collision Group

Providing a clear focus on non-intrusive partnerships and proven industry-leading auto collision claims performance, CCG and the 1stCERTIFIED™ brand offer a significantly differentiated national model to qualified collision repair organizations and value-added business partners alike. 

Please visit us at www.certifiedcg.com

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