Many auto repairs across U.S. delayed due to supply chain issues

Jan. 31, 2022
Some shops waiting several months for parts to arrive while cars pile up in the lots
Recently, many local media outlets across the country have been reporting that auto repair and body shops in their regions are facing significant delays due to the global supply chain crisis., reported it's taking six weeks or more for shops in New York to get parts. Paint, tint, and clear coat are also harder to come by.
This has created a significant backlog, Clint Fluegge of Colby Body & Fender in Albany, New York told
"We end up now having over 60 cars on the property, and out of those 60, there's 27 that we can't repair because we don't have the parts that we need."
KSHB41 in Kansas City reported even small jobs like brakes and suspension work are now taking days to get fixed. They reported issues across all vehicle makes including Kia, Hyundai and American makers.
In addition to supply chain issues, they also cited workers not being able to come in due to COVID-19 exposures and illnesses as another reason for delays.
In North Carolina, CBS17 noted that three straight weekends of winter weather have auto repair and collision shops packed to the brim.
Peimon Abdollahian, the shop manager at Coats Auto Body and Paint in Raleigh, N.C., told CBS17 that some parts are taking several months to arrive.
“We have a Mitsubishi here that needs a quarter panel replacement and there are some inner structure parts that are on backorder,” Abdollahian said. “It’s been here for about six months at this point and they’re (the maker) not anticipating having the part they need until March.”
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