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    ABRN April 2023
    Courtesy of 3M
    Keeping your shop as clean and customer-facing as possible ensures your shop maintains a high reputation and promotes great reviews from your customers. A clean shop with excellent equipment also helps you draw in and acquire new technicians.

    Prepping in a new era

    April 4, 2023
    Advancements in paint technology, ADAS systems, and OEM repair procedures require a revamp in the way most shops use their prep areas.
    Painter spraying blue hood

    RP spray guns: The best of both worlds?

    April 4, 2023
    Painters increasingly see the benefits of using an RP-technology spray gun for more than just clearcoat.
    Estimator writing damage estimate

    Finding the value in estimating guides

    April 4, 2023
    Spend some time on your estimating system’s P-pages to make your damage appraisals more informative and profitable.
    Melissa Anderson
    SOS Repair's ADAS bay with the Autel IA800 ADAS Optical Positioning System and ADAS software-equipped MaxiSYS tablet, ready to calibrate a Kia Carnival.

    Are you getting your piece of the profitable ADAS pie?

    April 3, 2023
    Unlike previous model years, now every car and light truck coming off the assembly line has some form of ADAS. It’s not going away.
    Gfs Ultra Xd Cto Fw Doors

    Ultra XD CTOF Booth

    A versatile, end-to-end finishing environment, the Ultra XD Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) booth from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) allows for vehicles to be filled, primed, ...

    More content from April 2023

    Perfect It Ro Polishes Mixed Family

    Perfect-It Random Orbital Polishing System

    The 3M Perfect-It Random Orbital Polishing System — a professional-grade set of tools, pads, and polishes – typically used in detailing shops, re-engineered for the collision ...
    1010420 Lif

    SATA RPS Cups

    March 7, 2023
    SATA® RPS® Multipurpose Cups save not only time, but paint and cleaning materials too. RPS cups are a vented system that allows a constant, even flowrate, color match, and film...
    Courtesy of Chief Collision Technology
    Chief Meridian Printout

    Blueprinting: The structural repair tool your shop is missing

    Feb. 9, 2023
    Long gone are the days of only needing quick visual inspections. As we say hello to a new way of vehicle repair, we also welcome new tools and methods to help us stay on course...
    Task Brand Prep Paint Finish Wiping System A Complete Five Step Solution Pr Image 2 7 23

    Prep-Paint-Finish Wiping System

    Hospeco Brands Group's TaskBrand Prep, Paint, and Finish Wiping System is a prep-to-finish system that includes all the wiping products needed for each stage of the paint or refinishing...
    Supertanium Pro Bit Spot Weld Remover

    Supertanium Pro-Bit Spot Weld Remover

    Feb. 10, 2020
    Kent Automotive's Supertanium Pro-Bit Spot Weld remover offers faster turnaround and greater cutting control to reduce overall repair cycle time and increase shop profits, according...