Prep-Paint-Finish Wiping System

Feb. 7, 2023

Hospeco Brands Group's TaskBrand Prep, Paint, and Finish Wiping System is a prep-to-finish system that includes all the wiping products needed for each stage of the paint or refinishing process. The method includes five easy-to-follow steps: 1) tack cloth; 2 and 3) wash and dry prep cloths; 4) static-control wipe; and 5) final tack cloth.

  • Essential Tack Cloths effectively remove dirt and sanding dust, leaving a clean, dry surface for paint. This option will be more forgiving for new painters when learning the process and when using waterborne paints.
  • Wash & Dry Prep Cloths are large and super-absorbent for superior wipe-dry with waterborne paint and solvents. They are virtually lint-free, silicone-free, with no added binders or glue that can contaminate work, and they maintain excellent strength whether wet or dry.
  • Static Control Wipes are presaturated wipes with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and 30 percent deionized water to reduce static charge and minimize attracting dirt. They clean surfaces thoroughly to lower the risk of paint defects and are ideal for moderate temperature and/or humid conditions.
  • Final Tack Cloths remove dust and overspray between coats with virtually no fraying or linting while reducing static buildup on plastic parts and other surfaces. Works well with waterborne paint systems and does not leave residue on hands or surfaces.