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    ABRN August 2023
    Bosch ADAS calibration in Accelerated Vehicle Technology

    The business of ADAS

    Aug. 8, 2023
    Unlike collision repair, performance benchmarks and guidance are not readily available for the ADAS business. Darrell Amberson shares some wisdom he's gleaned after starting a...
    Courtesy of 3M
    Block-sanding a panel

    What is feather, prime, and block?

    Aug. 8, 2023
    This refinish operation is required to restore a repaired panel to a new undamaged condition. Documentation and education are key to overcome any contention with third party payers...
    Courtesy of I-CAR
    Inverter technology resistance spot welding

    The impact of technology and new substrate materials on collision repairs

    Aug. 7, 2023
    The integration of advanced technologies means specialized tools, equipment, and knowledge are required to ensure accurate diagnosis and repair.
    Correcting x, y, and z calibration

    How alignment angles affect ADAS

    Aug. 7, 2023
    Just one degree of misalignment can cause the average-sized vehicle with lane departure warning to leave its lane within 180 feet.
    Courtesy of BASF
    Painting a fender in a spray booth

    5 steps to fending off flaws

    Aug. 3, 2023
    Use this expert advice for a perfect paint job every time.

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    SATAminijet 4400 B

    The SATAminijet 4400 B is the perfect compact spray gun, great for high-build priming and mid-sized repairs to small detail work, especially in areas of difficult access. If you...

    Top 10 products of June 2023

    July 12, 2023
    From occupational shoe insoles to a heavy duty creeper with an adjustable headrest and long nose slip joint pliers, check out the most clicked on products added during June.
    Gfs Powder Rims

    Batch Powder Coating System

    With a complete line of finishing equipment for batch powder coating — including powder coating booths and curing ovens — Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) serves as a one-stop...