Analysis: Driverless Era Further Away Than Previously Thought?

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Jan. 25, 2018—While auto-related conventions like the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) feature all sorts of evolving technology these days, that doesn’t necessarily mean the days of driverless vehicles are right around the corner, Jalopnik noted.

At this year’s CES event, the automotive website noted that many industry executives actually spent time tamping down expectations about when the autonomous-vehicle era will truly kick into high gear.

One Toyota executive, for example, called the industry’s march toward widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles a long journey.

Hyundai said it is targeting Level 4 autonomous capability for its vehicles in 2021.

And, Lyft’s chief strategy officer said that the ride-hailing service will need human drivers for a very long time, and, in 10 years it will need even more drivers than it has now, due to demand.

Thus, Jalopnik wrote that driverless technology isn’t quite “ready for primetime yet,” and still needs to be further tested, including in locations that tend to experience inclement weather, and regarding issues such as insurance.

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