How 'Influencer Marketing' Can Help Your Business Reach a Wider Audience Online

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Aug. 10, 2017—When it comes to purchase decisions, most consumers—especially younger customers—rely on people, even if they don’t know them. That’s why it pays for you to find influencers who can spread the word about your products, Small Business Trends points out.

Data compiled by NoGre, a graduate education community, revealed 88 percent of consumers trust online recommendations as much as personal recommendations.

Thanks to social media, there has been a shift towards word-of-mouth promotions via influencers. Various social media channels have made it easier for brands to leverage their platforms. Sponsored posts, banner ads, stories and promoted tweets are just some of the opportunities social media presents today.

What makes influencers attractive to businesses is their ability to catch audience attention. Millennials and Generation Z, however, can tell when promotions are based solely on a contract. It is therefore important for businesses to ensure endorsements from influencers appear authentic and believable.

How do you find an influencer for your brand? Here are Small Business Trends' essential steps:

Understand Your Target Networks

When looking for the right influencer, it’s important to understand your target networks. For example, which networks are most effective for your target audience? When you have an understanding of your target networks, you can identify an influence marketer which has a strong following and presence on such networks and will likely to effectively promote your brand on the specific target networks.

Focus on Brand Fit First

Is your brand fit for purpose? Prior to searching for the right influence marketer, ensure you have a defined and clear brand purpose first to ensure your brand is identifiable to your audience.

Analyze the Influencer’s Audience

When searching for the perfect influence marketer for your brand, you should analyze your influencer’s audience. Does the influencer’s audience and following correspond with your own target audience and following? If not, that particular influencer might not be the right one to help your brand reach its target audience.

Vet Influencers Based on Engagement

Which influencers generate the most engagement on social media platforms? Which have the most active social presence, the highest number of followers and deliver content that gets engaged with the most? Prior to choosing an influencer, vet their social media channels and opt for ones which generate maximum engagement.

Give Influencers a Framework for Your Message

To generate maximum effectiveness from having an influencer sponsor your brand, be sure to present the influence marketer with a framework for your message, which highlights the key aims and objectives of the campaign. This will give both yourself and the influencer greater understanding of whether they are up to the job.


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