Martin Senour Announces Q3 Training Schedule

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June 21, 2017—Martin Senour announced its 2017 third quarter training schedule, with courses running from July 17 to Sept. 25, 2017, at its training facilities nationwide.

Martin Senour professionals will teach the following courses during the third quarter of 2017:

  • Color Adjustment and Blending
  • Fleet FPG
  • Jobber Level 1
  • Painter Certification
  • Pro//BASE Refinish System Painter Certification
  • Color Simplicity
  • Vortex Waterborne Painter Certification 

A complete listing of the 2017 third quarter Martin Senour training schedule, course descriptions and locations is as follows:

Location Date Training Course
Atlanta 8/8/17 Painter Certification
Atlanta 9/18/17 Pro//BASE Refinish System Painter Certification
Chicago 8/7/17 Color Adjustment and Blending
Chicago 8/9/17 Painter Certification
Chicago 8/21/17 Fleet FGP
Dallas 7/12/17 Pro//BASE Refinish System Painter Certification
Dallas 8/21/17 Jobber Level 1
Dallas 8/28/17 Painter Certification
Dallas 8/30/17 Color Adjustment and Blending
Dallas 9/6/17 Pro//BASE Refinish System Painter Certification
Philadelphia 7/17/17 Painter Certification
Philadelphia 7/20/17 Color Simplicity
Philadelphia 8/21/17 Painter Certification
Philadelphia 9/25/17 Painter Certification
Reno 9/18/17 Vortex Waterborne Painter Certification
Reno 9/25/17 Color Adjustment and Blending

The classes will provide guidance and share proven, efficient procedures on an extensive number of topics to collision repair professionals, according to Martin Senour Automotive Finishes director of sales Jeff Hartl.

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