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Right to Repair Coalition petitions support of Right to Repair law

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Sept. 8, 2011—The Right to Repair Coalition on Wednesday announced it will begin collecting petition signatures to place the Massachusetts Right to Repair law on 2012 voting ballots.

The Right to Repair Coalition’s petition initiative started immediately after the Massachusetts Attorney General certified language of the Right to Repair law. Supporters of the law have until Nov. 23 to get the 68,911 signatures required to secure its placement on the 2012 voting ballot.

The proposed Right to Repair law would require automobile manufacturers to directly provide consumers with the diagnostic and safety information needed to repair their cars. Currently, auto manufacturers only provide some of the diagnostic and safety information needed to repair vehicle owner’s cars with independent technicians, which limits consumer choice and makes business difficult for neighborhood repair shops, according to the Right to Repair Coalition.

Industry research estimates an annual savings of $300-$500 per family when vehicle owners are given the right to choose where their cars are repaired, according to the Right to Repair Coalition. Massachusetts consumers have submitted more than 50,000 letters in support of the law to state legislators.

The Right to Repair Coalition includes consumer advocates in Massachusetts such as AAA, independent repair shops, small businesses and retailers.

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