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Snap Shop: Windermere Collision Center

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SHOP STATS: Windermere Collision Center  Location: Winter Garden, FL  Owner/Operator: Tom Ramsammy  Average Monthly Car Count: 150  Staff Size: 36  Shop Size: 32,500 square feet  Average Repair Order: $5,406  Annual Revenue: $5.5 million (in 2021)


1. A Modern Impression 

The experience at Windermere Collision Center in Winter Garden, Florida, starts as soon as the customer pulls up under the shop’s massive awning, spanning the length of the building. Frequently lined up outside are representations of the latest in automotive technology. There’s Tesla, there’s Rivian, even the occasional Lucid or two.  

“We’re kind of carving out ourselves as like the niche shop that does the EVs in Central Florida,” says General Manager Steve Baker. "Just looking into the future, we’ve positioned ourselves to be way ahead of the curve and be like the place.” 

Towards that goal, the shop is embarking on an expansion. On the same lot will be another 30,000 to 40,000 square feet of space. That building will feature dedicated power just for 400-amp chargers and keep the shop growing with the times. 


2. Out of the Elements 

One of the defining exterior features of the shop is its awning, really more of a cutout straight across the front of the building that results in a massive shady space. Customers are able to drive up for estimates or dropoffs and get out of whatever common Florida climate condition is prevailing that day: sun or rain.  

“During a rainy season, especially in Florida, you come under there, you can jump in your rental or drop off, whatever, nobody is going to get drenched or be in the heat,” says owner Tom Ramsammy, who started the business 30 years ago and opened the current space in 2017. 

Inside, the customer lounge is fully stocked with amenities befitting the high-end market the shop is going for, being certified for Mercedes and Range Rover in addition to the luxury EV brands. There’s comfortable seating, a Keurig coffee machine and bottled water for those hot Florida days. 


3. Maximizing Efficiency 

Customers and employees alike can enjoy acres of open space inside the shop. Ramsammy describes the workspace as “open office” with glass everywhere and few walls. He and Baker’s offices don’t even have doors. 

The shop has also designed processes to lead to maximum efficiency. Shop employees are divided into teams of estimators, CSRs and parts specialists. That breeds good working relationships. 

“We’re trying to nail down a strong process,” says Ramsammy. “I think that’s what I want to pride myself on. I think by doing that, we’re going to have a predictable result.” 

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