ABRA Franchise Owners Utilizing Solar Power

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April 26, 2022—There are many ABRA Auto Body locations implementing solar power at their facilities, according to a press release.

“We added solar panels about four years ago,” said Frank Runion, general manager for ABRA Auto Body Repair of Cleveland, Tennessee in the press release. “Our main motivators were energy savings and the energy improvement tax credit. Since then, we’ve had no maintenance, which is great, and the panels have performed very well. It was a smart investment.”

The Solar Energy Industry Association states that energy can account for almost 20 percent of a commercial building's expenses. Making the switch to solar has helped these ABRA locations lower their electricity bills by up to 40 percent, which in turn improves their bottom line. 

Many states also have tax incentives when it comes to going solar. including the federal Investment Tax Credit which is a credit for 30 percent of the total system cost.

ABRA can provide franchise members looking to incorporate energy-efficient elements into their shops with the proper resources to do so. These elements can include energy audits and process reviews or tool and technology guidance. 


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