What's Apple Up To?

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The facade of an Apple Store.

June 16, 2021—Despite Apple's consistent stance of staying mum on whether it is looking to get into the automotive industry, the tech giant continues to make moves hinting that it is.

The latest move, as reported by CNBC, was the hiring of Ulrich Kranz, a described by the news outlet as "a former senior executive at BMW who focused on electric cars."

There's a body of evidence that the company is angling to build an electric car.

"Apple has never confirmed it is building a car but has hired talent from the automotive industry and tested self-driving software in California," the story says. "In 2018, Apple hired Doug Field from Tesla, who worked on Tesla’s Model 3. With its expertise in supply chains, battery technology and user experience, Apple would represent a major competitor to existing automakers if it ever releases a car. Apple’s car project has been restructured several times, most recently in early 2019."

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